well, well, well

a look at Kim’s inkwell collection

well, well, well |6|

SONY DSCIsn’t it strange how things happen? I had already taken the photograph for this post, which as you see contains a modern inkwell. The majority of my collection is as you have started to see vintage / antique. Then I had a customer enquire if we sold any inkwells into which ink could be decanted.

We have the Campo Marzio ones as pictured here that are sold as part of a blotter or quill set but have never come across any other more modern/new inkwells. An internet search yields very little also. Perhaps we’ll have to design and manufacture our own!

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colouredcI have been wanting to add some coloured glass ink wells to the collection for some time so I was most excited to come across these too little cuties recently. And how perfect – red and green – FitzgeraldTaylor colours!

One would assume that ink that matched the colour of the glass was put in each well. Well that’s what I would do anyway!

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twincIsn’t this a cutie? I had not seen a small twin inkwell like this before so jumped at the chance to add it to my collection. And it is more or less square so it fits in with the underlying “theme” of the  collection. Funnily enough since purchasing it I have seen two other twin inkwells. One identical to this and possibly in even better condition, the other a rather large more industrial number. I haven’t of course ruled out adding them to the collection so watch this space! Hopefully they will still be there if I decide I must have them!!


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schoolcI am sure these will bring back memories for many. These are ink wells from old school desks. A little before my time of course! They are housed in small rimu wood blocks. Am not sure if this is how they were originally or if the rimu blocks are a later addition to extend their useful life.

These are a little different from the rest of my ink well collection – but I felt they would be a nice piece of nostalgia to have in the shop. It is nice to have such pieces dotted about the shop – many an interesting conversation has started around these items.

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rectangularIn my previous post on my ever growing inkwell collection I said that square was the loose theme to my collection. Loose indeed it seems as the one I feature here is actually rectangular!

This is in fact a very practical shape. The base is extremely solid and thus very stable meaning it would be difficult to knock it over and spill your ink. (Yes I have done that! )

The well is of course fairly shallow and the neck narrow. They were designed this way to prevent evaporation and to keep out dust and other impurities. The bulbous lid (that yes could do with a clean!) is plain but not unattractive and opens with ease.

The shape lends itself well to another feature – the integrated pen rest that runs along the front edge. On a shorter/squarer model an integrated pen rest is not quite so long and consequently a resting pen not so balanced.

All in all one could say this is a most sensible functional inkwell. But it is not without some decorative charm. Cut in to the glass of the underside is a rather pretty star.

I must confess that I have yet to actually use any of the inkwells in my collection but when I do I think this may be the first.



well, well, well

thefirstOThis is the inkwell that saw me start a collection – a now rather extensive collection! This one was given to me as a birthday gift by my parents. So I blame them for what has now become a slight obsession – at times a rather expensive obsession!

A road trip around New Zealand directly after receiving this gift turned into a fun search for antique shops along the way and thus the collection grew and grew and grew…

And yes, continues to grow!

Square was the most prevalent design/shape for the inkwells of desk units and writing boxes. This (square) has become the loose “theme” of my collection.