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ftcardscWe like to practise what we preach here at FitzgeraldTaylor, so all shipments from purchases on our webstore, giveaway parcels and other deliveries are accompanied by a hand written card.

As they say, it’s all in the details, and we get great pleasure from putting together gorgeous parcels.

We have been rather busy here of late so hot off the press are more supplies. Nice and simple in FitzgeraldTaylor colours.

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christmascChristmas is one of my favourite times of year. I love to decorate both my house and the shop, and the buzz of Christmas shopping is always fun. In saying that I don’t like to decorate the shop too early as some shops do – around November 25 seems right to me.

Hot off the press – well the printer in this case – are this years Christmas cards. We have been fortunate enough to have had some gorgeous watercolour images commissioned for a range of cards and gift tags this year. I have long been a fan of water colour illustrations so am absolutely delighted to be offering this range.


hot off the press |1| blind impression initials

Hot off the press is an interesting expression. When I looked up the origin I found two suggestions – one that it refers to the hot molten lead that was used to print newspapers, the other that it also may have referred to the news of the newspaper itself that was striking / sensational.

Whilst we still use lead type for our letterpress printing it is years and years old so not in the least “hot”. The only thing that gets warm whilst we are printing is me  – the press operator! Treadling an old cast iron beast can be hard work!

Our boxed initialed cards with a blind / inkless impression have been flying out the door recently so we produced a whole lot more last week. Printed on luxurious 100% cotton card they are beautiful to pen a quick thank you or note on. We will be listing on our web store soon.