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a look a Kim’s typewriter collection

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A baby blue Imperial Mercury Portable! Who could resist adding this cute little number to the collection?!?

A little research has shown that these typewriters although branded Imperial, were actually manufactured by Silver-Seiko in Japan. Silver-Seiko made these machines for Litton Industries who owned both Royal and Imperial and this model, the Mercury can be found branded both Royal and Imperial, and then later they carried the name Silver-Reed.

The Mercury was apparently a more expensive version that had some added features, a touch regulator and ribbon selector. Made between 1965 and 1974 these are solid little machines of metal construction and mine is in excellent condition, complete with carry case.

I think we will have to put some of my typewriters on display at the shop. I can imagine this one with some G.Lalo Verge writing paper in turquoise inserted in it.

PS – Do you like my matching finger nail polish in the photograph???

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splendidTwo of my favourite things. The colour red and a typewriter. This has to be one of the favourites of my little collection – as much for the colour if nothing else!

This one is an Olympia Splendid 99. Made during the 1960s this cute little portable was one of the original Splendid models. Plastic models followed later which were apparently not a patch on this robust number which is off metal construction.

I am greeted each morning by this one as I make my way downstairs in our house as it on display on a table at the end of the upstairs hallway. It always makes me smile!

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royalThis beauty gets admired in the shop all the time – in fact we could have sold it ten times over!

Anyone reading this blog will by now have concluded that I like to collect things and they would be correct. Whilst searching for more ink wells on our road trip around New Zealand a couple of years ago I came across this gorgeous Royal Portable typewriter in an antique store in Paeroa. I spotted it from afar and asked the shop keeper who was near it  if it was still in working order. Yes was the reply, it just needed a new ribbon. I already knew that ribbons were easy to come by having coveted a red Royal typewriter on mytypewriter.com. I’ll have it I told him quickly, worried that someone else might recognise the bargain that was there for the taking. Noting my haste the shopkeeper joked that there was an extra 1 in front of the price. Thankfully there wasn’t and so I left a very happy customer indeed.

It was in amazing condition complete with carry case and original Certificate of Guarantee. The certificate showing that it was sold to a Mrs M F Harrop on February 28th 1939 by the Office Typewriter Co. Ltd of Auckland.

New ribbons were ordered online the day of purchase and they were waiting for me when we got home.

Royal Typewriter Company was founded in New York in 1906 and went on to become the best-selling portable typewriter maker of all time . I love the shiny black paint and am impressed at how stunning it still is after 74 years!

Needless to say, having been captivated by this typewriter others have been collected!

I was wishing we had found it at the end of our road trip at one point though. We met friends in Wellington and travelled in one car across on the Interislander to the top of the South Island. With 4 passengers and bags the typewriter had to travel at my feet in the front seat. Needless to say I was given some flack for carrying a typewriter around the country! But just look at it – it was all worth it!!