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herbinanniversaryCThese gorgeous ink bottles would look good on any desk. They are the “1670” anniversary inks from J. Herbin, produced to celebrate their 340 year anniversary.

J.Herbin was established in 1670 in Paris. Ink production started during the First French Empire, with the ink being used by Napoleon Bonaparte and then by his son the King of Rome. During the 19th century Herbin participated in many exhibitions and in 1823 he was awarded in London for the exceptional quality of his inks and waxes.

Today Herbin inks are still widely used and internationally renowned and we are proud to stock them at FitzgeraldTaylor.

Beautifully presented there are two colours in the “1670” collection.

SONY DSCRouge Hermatite – a dark red with an earthy tone. A reminder of the historic colour of the Herbin logo and sealing wax used by members of the royal court. This rich deep dye ink will bring brightness and majesty to your writing!

SONY DSCBleu ocean – a deep blue that recalls the sea voyages of J. Herbin when he was travelling in the far east and discovered the famous gum which allowed him to manufacture wax.

We have them available in store now.

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SONY DSCQuink – made up of the words quick and ink – was developed by Parker in the lates 1920s to eliminate the need for blotting. The ink was revolutionary at the time for using isopropyl alcohol as a solvent, which dried by absorption rather than by evaporation of water-based inks. The resulting formula meant the ink flowed without clogging, it resisted water and moulding, it was non-corrosive to the metal parts of nibs and feeds, it was quick-drying, and it did not leave deposits or fade.

First sold in 1931 and still available today this is a classic favourite of many fountain pen users. Tests and reviews report that Quink produces no feathering, is fast drying with moderate shading/ saturation, results in minimal show through, no bleed through and it rinses out of pens easily.

We have it in the shop – available in three colours – black, blueblack & blue. I think the blue is my favourite.

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