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neoncoralLamy Safari & AL-Star limited edition colours 2014.

We are very excited to have in store the 2014 limited edition colours from Lamy.  We anticipate the arrival of these each year, as do many of our customers. They’re on display in out front windows this month.

This year the Safari limited edition colour is a very with it neon coral. I have to say it is nice to have a bit more of a feminine colour in the range. I have yet to add one to my pencil case and I had better be quick if I want to as we don’t have many left. How many fountain pens can one girl have though!?!

I know there are people around the globe who have collections of all the Lamy colours. I am as you know an avid collector but I have at this stage not joined this group. I did pick up a very pretty white Safari with red clip on our recent trip to Japan though. I dad not seen that one before and could not resist. The white Safari is my favourite of the current colours, so one with a clip in my favourite colour, I had to have one. I have put red ink cartridges in it and use it to make doing paper work more bearable.

bluegreenThe Al-Star colour for 2014 is being called BlueGreen. I think most would agree though that it is more green than blue. It is a nice fresh colour and must be popular as we have been notified that we can not get more stock of that colour. So if you want one – come in sooner rather than later. We still have some for now.

Don’t forget that we offer you your choice of nib for the Lamy Safari and Al-Star fountain pens. The nib options are extra-fine, fine, medium, bold & left hand, all of which are available in either polished steel or black chromium-plated steel.

Isn’t it funny but we’re already wondering what next year’s colours will be!



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valentinesdaycValentines Day is fast approaching.

Some people love it, many people hate it.

For me I find it a nice opportunity to stop and write an “i love you” card to my man!

I think sometimes we express ourselves better in writing than in saying things out loud. I know I do! Plus they get to keep the card/letter and will be forever reminded of how much we love them.

Case in point – I was practising some calligraphy recently and wrote a cute little message to Mr M and stuck it to his bathroom mirror, for him to find when he brushed his teeth. He liked it so much it’s still there!

I encourage you to put pen to paper this Valentines Day.

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summersalecHappy New Year everyone!

Wow, didn’t last year just fly by!?! December certainly seemed to disappear in a blur. The shop was busy –  thank you to all of our lovely customers, we really do appreciate your support.

We reopen Friday January 3rd and we’re having a Summer Sale. We need to clear some space for some exciting new products this year. Stop by to pick up a some bargains!



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xmastreeWe are counting down the days until Christmas!

We’ve got two gorgeous white Christmas trees outside the shop – complete with hand made red paper decorations and a count down on the top to remind shoppers how many days they have left to get their Christmas shopping done. Only 23 from today!

Many people have stopped to admire the trees. I know they are not the traditional green but the white is rather eye catching and nice for a change and I have long admired white trees. They make a great back drop for coloured decorations.

I love this time of year – the shopping buzz, the anticipation of some time off work to spend with family and friends and the hope of some lovely weather!


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waxsealgiftsroundWow, I can’t believe it has been a month already since I started writing this blog! How time does fly when you are having fun!!

A quick change of the front windows at the shop. It still feels too early for a Christmas window (that’s next month!)  although the gift wrap ideas within it using wax seals could well be used on Christmas gifts. If I have time I think I might add wax seals to all my Christmas gifts this year.

Wax seals offer endless decorating / embellishment opportunities. In fact I’ve created a Pinterest board to document ideas to try.

Oh, there’ll be a new range of wax seals in store soon too. Cute little pewter ones with a sort of typewriter key design. They’d make great Christmas gifts!

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Shop windowCreating displays for the shops front windows can be both great fun and a great challenge. Fun because we get to be creative but challenging as these displays are very important and can be the deciding factor for whether a customer enters the shop or not. I so understand why there is an entire profession dedicated to this art. If you’ve been watching the television series “Mr Selfridge” you’ll have no doubt noted the importance given to the their window displays. Our windows aren’t nearly as large as theirs so don’t be expecting motor vehicles or airplanes to be making an appearance. Well not full sized ones anyway!

Our current display is a most simple one but one which sums up what FitzgeraldTaylor encourages you to do – put pen to paper. Write a loved one a real paper letter, keep a journal, plan a project or a trip, sketch, draw….

BTW 2014 diaries are in store now.