to the letter

interesting letterforms

to the letter |6| F


F is for fountain pen, file, folder, foolscap and of course FitzgeraldTaylor!

Here are some Fs from around the Devonport village – top right is my favourite. I rather like forming lowercase Fs in my calligraphy, not quite so the uppercase – but I’ll keep working on it.

to the letter |3| C

Devonport signs don’t appear to have many interesting Cs and it was a horrible rainy morning when we went on our search. Here’s what we found. Shop dog was not too happy about the outing either – he does not really like the rain!


to the letter |2| B

The fascination with letterforms continues! I think if I could I would sit at my desk and write letterforms all day.

Shop dog and I snapped these on our walk to the shop the other day. I am sure he wonders why on earth I keep stopping and making him wait!

Devonport was a little light on the letter B and oh boy some of the signs sure could do with a bit of a clean! The top left is by far my favourite.

Am already wondering what we’ll find in the way of letter Cs.

to the letter |1| A

With my growing interest in calligraphy I have found myself noticing interesting letterforms all around me. During a stroll around Devonport on a beautiful spring day Shop Dog and I saw many interesting A’s.



Anyone know which signs they are from?