on the desk in … |2| orange

According to Color : Messages and Meanings by Leatrice Eiseman for Pantone orange is fun, whimsical, childlike, happy, glowing, hot, energising, active, gregarious, friendly, good natured, expansive spontaneous, optimistic, communicative, jovial, socialable, self-assured, persuasive, animated, loud, raucous and frivolous. Personally I am not that fond of orange the fruit, even less of orange juice. When it comes to orange the colour, I don’t dislike it but it is a telling sign that I could count the things I own that are orange on one hand! We have some beautiful orange products in the shop though!!



1. Campo Marzio note pads  2. Divine Twine  3. J.Herbin bottled ink in Orange Indien  4. J.Herbin ink cartridges in Orange Indien  5. Vision fountain pen  6. Calirefontaine Linicolor pencil case  7. Campo Marzio leather letter opener  8. Coloured envelopes  9. Modo ball point pen  10. Baretto ball point pen  11. MasterPlan diary

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