well well well |2|

rectangularIn my previous post on my ever growing inkwell collection I said that square was the loose theme to my collection. Loose indeed it seems as the one I feature here is actually rectangular!

This is in fact a very practical shape. The base is extremely solid and thus very stable meaning it would be difficult to knock it over and spill your ink. (Yes I have done that! )

The well is of course fairly shallow and the neck narrow. They were designed this way to prevent evaporation and to keep out dust and other impurities. The bulbous lid (that yes could do with a clean!) is plain but not unattractive and opens with ease.

The shape lends itself well to another feature – the integrated pen rest that runs along the front edge. On a shorter/squarer model an integrated pen rest is not quite so long and consequently a resting pen not so balanced.

All in all one could say this is a most sensible functional inkwell. But it is not without some decorative charm. Cut in to the glass of the underside is a rather pretty star.

I must confess that I have yet to actually use any of the inkwells in my collection but when I do I think this may be the first.



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