on the desk in … |3| yellow

I think if you asked any retailer they would tell you that yellow is not generally a colour that sells well. Certain items we have in yellow are quite popular however. The yellow Lamy Safari pens and mechanical pencils fly out the door. They are a shade of yellow much like a Ferrari – perhaps that’s the appeal! Yellow tags and matching Divine Twine are also regularly purchased.

Van Gogh said, “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” Let’s hope this brings the sun out.

yellowdesk1. Modo ball point pen  2. Baretto ball point pen  3. J Herbin ink cartridges  4. J Herbin bottled ink  5. Clairefontaine Linicolor pencil case  6. Clairefontaine Linicolor pencil case  7. Keel’s Simple Diary  8. tags & twine  9. Clairefontaine Linicolor notebooks  10. Lamy Safari roller ball pen  11. Lamy Safari ball point pen  12. Lamy Safari mechanical pencil



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