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masterplancI know many people have converted to a “digital” diary but I find that there is nothing like writing it all down and having it all there in front of you in black & white or in my case grey and white!

For me when my diary is new I take great pleasure in the actual writing down of things – that is when it is still nice and tidy. That seems to deteriorate rapidly and is possibly why last year I wrote in pencil!

Aside from enjoying the writing I also think the physical act of writing appointments/notes/to do etc down makes me remember things better.

My diary of choice for the past two years has been The Master Plan, designed and published by Milestone Press and which we sell in the shop. The concept behind it is that it is for a parent  – for their own appointments/schedule and to keep track of all the activities that each of their children and family are taking part in. I had seen wall calendars for a similar purpose before but not an actual diary that you could carry around with you. Now I don’t have any children but use the extra rows for other parts of my life – shop staff schedule, important financial/tax dates, shop events and so on.

The colours change each year – I went with grey this year as it is one of my “corporate” colours. Team it with a pen loop and you’re set. I highly recommend it!



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