through the looking glass |1|

Shop windowCreating displays for the shops front windows can be both great fun and a great challenge. Fun because we get to be creative but challenging as these displays are very important and can be the deciding factor for whether a customer enters the shop or not. I so understand why there is an entire profession dedicated to this art. If you’ve been watching the television series “Mr Selfridge” you’ll have no doubt noted the importance given to the their window displays. Our windows aren’t nearly as large as theirs so don’t be expecting motor vehicles or airplanes to be making an appearance. Well not full sized ones anyway!

Our current display is a most simple one but one which sums up what FitzgeraldTaylor encourages you to do – put pen to paper. Write a loved one a real paper letter, keep a journal, plan a project or a trip, sketch, draw….

BTW 2014 diaries are in store now.

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