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A baby blue Imperial Mercury Portable! Who could resist adding this cute little number to the collection?!?

A little research has shown that these typewriters although branded Imperial, were actually manufactured by Silver-Seiko in Japan. Silver-Seiko made these machines for Litton Industries who owned both Royal and Imperial and this model, the Mercury can be found branded both Royal and Imperial, and then later they carried the name Silver-Reed.

The Mercury was apparently a more expensive version that had some added features, a touch regulator and ribbon selector. Made between 1965 and 1974 these are solid little machines of metal construction and mine is in excellent condition, complete with carry case.

I think we will have to put some of my typewriters on display at the shop. I can imagine this one with some G.Lalo Verge writing paper in turquoise inserted in it.

PS – Do you like my matching finger nail polish in the photograph???

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