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neoncoralLamy Safari & AL-Star limited edition colours 2014.

We are very excited to have in store the 2014 limited edition colours from Lamy. ¬†We anticipate the arrival of these each year, as do many of our customers. They’re on display in out front windows this month.

This year the Safari limited edition colour is a very with it neon coral. I have to say it is nice to have a bit more of a feminine colour in the range. I have yet to add one to my pencil case and I had better be quick if I want to as we don’t have many left. How many fountain pens can one girl have though!?!

I know there are people around the globe who have collections of all the Lamy colours. I am as you know an avid collector but I have at this stage not joined this group. I did pick up a very pretty white Safari with red clip on our recent trip to Japan though. I dad not seen that one before and could not resist. The white Safari is my favourite of the current colours, so one with a clip in my favourite colour, I had to have one. I have put red ink cartridges in it and use it to make doing paper work more bearable.

bluegreenThe Al-Star colour for 2014 is being called BlueGreen. I think most would agree though that it is more green than blue. It is a nice fresh colour and must be popular as we have been notified that we can not get more stock of that colour. So if you want one – come in sooner rather than later. We still have some for now.

Don’t forget that we offer you your choice of nib for the Lamy Safari and Al-Star fountain pens. The nib options are extra-fine, fine, medium, bold & left hand, all of which are available in either¬†polished steel or black chromium-plated steel.

Isn’t it funny but we’re already wondering what next year’s colours will be!



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