on the desk in … |6| navy blue

Regular visitors to the shop will know that I am normally dressed head to toe in black. My rationale for this is that then I blend in and let the beautiful colours in the shop shine through. Lately though quite a number of navy blue items have been added to my wardrobe. I find it an elegant colour and navy stationery is most certainly elegant. Below is a selection of navy blue items we have in store.


1. Leuchtturm1917 journals.  2. Globe Trotter roller ball pen.  3. Leuchtturm1917 pen loop.  4. Campo Marzio pen holder.  5. Clairefontaine leather pencil cases.  6. Spool of Divine Twine.  7. Lamy bottled ink in blueblack.  8. J. Herbin Anniversary ink in Ocean Bleu Ocean.  9. Lamy Safari mechanical pencil.  10. Lamy Safari ballpoint pen.  11. Lamy Safari rollerball pen.  12. Lamy Safari fountain pen.

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