well equipped |1| adana 8×5 printing press

adanaMy adventure into the world of letterpress printing began with this little tabletop machine.

Having been captivated by letterpressed invitations whilst reading magazines from the US and Europe I set about founding out more about how such beautiful textured, almost three dimensional pieces were created.

Research online indicated that the Adana 8×5 was an ideal entry level press.

To my delight I discovered that one could still purchase a new/refurbished Adana from the UK. Quick smart money was sent and great anticipation for it’s arrival mounted. ┬áMore money was sent – (to NZ customs!) – but finally it arrived, along with┬átype, brass rule, ink, quoins, reglet, furniture, lead spacing and all the things a beginner needed to get started in letterpress printing!

This little machine provided many a lesson, validated my love of letterpress and had me wanting more!!

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