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I think it would be far to say that right now I am rather obsessed with calligraphy. I have always been envious of those with nice penmanship and am sad to admit that my everyday handwriting is not very good – at all. But I am hopeful that learning and practising calligraphy will see all aspects of my writing improve!

The first calligraphy course I took, a couple of years, ago focussed on the Italic hand. This proved a great starting place and taught me many of the fundamentals of calligraphy. This hand however did not inspire me greatly, (I don’t want to say it is boring but it is not particularly expressive),┬áthus not a great amount of practise was done.

More recently, through the wonderful thing that is the internet I became aware of calligraphers using much more modern hands – that inspired me. That is how I would love to write. And so began a journey – a most enjoyable one! I find myself constantly wondering when I will have time to do some practise.

I have noticed that I am rather heavy handed. I will try other nibs to see if I can get finer upstrokes and keep practising!


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