Monthly Giveaway – November 13 2013


We love stationery here at FitzgeraldTaylor and want to share that love with you, our loyal customers. Commencing this month we will be holding a giveaway on the 13th of each month.

It’s easy to enter:
On November 13th (all day)
• send us an email to say you’d like to be entered in the prize draw
• follow us on Instagram
• follow us on Twitter

This months prize  – we see red!

A collection of gorgeous red items. Two storage boxes, a pen holder, two notebooks, a fountain pen and two tins of ink cartridges – with a retail value of $104.

Keep the prize for yourself or perhaps it could make a nice Christmas gift!

The Fine Print

The giveaway begins Wednesday November 13th at 12.01am and ends  Wednesday November 13th at 11.59pm and is open to New Zealand residents only. No purchase is necessary to qualify for entry.

The winner will be selected using and will be notified by email. The winner has 72 hours to confirm their delivery address otherwise a new winner will be selected. The prize cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

By providing your information in entering this giveaway, you are providing your information to FitzgeraldTaylor only.  We do not share or sell information and will use the information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.

Good Luck!

new / noteworthy |2|

moosebBrepols is a Belgian company that has been making diaries and journals in the same location for over 200 years. Don’t assume their products are oldie worldie as a result though. On the contrary. The company has a decidedly young attitude, producing ranges that honour the past whilst being firmly focused on the future.

Their Moose range is made of recycled leather combined with cream coloured FSC paper inners, allowing you to comfortably mix style and still maintain an awareness of the environment.

Relaxed. Headstrong. Confident. Moose was the winner of “Best New Product” at the International Stationery Press Association awards for social stationery in 2012.

Not generally a fan of brown, this product won my heart with it’s cool look and feel and knew that many of our customers would feel the same – and you have!

We are carrying the entire range – notebooks, compendiums and 2014 diaries.

well well well |2|

rectangularIn my previous post on my ever growing inkwell collection I said that square was the loose theme to my collection. Loose indeed it seems as the one I feature here is actually rectangular!

This is in fact a very practical shape. The base is extremely solid and thus very stable meaning it would be difficult to knock it over and spill your ink. (Yes I have done that! )

The well is of course fairly shallow and the neck narrow. They were designed this way to prevent evaporation and to keep out dust and other impurities. The bulbous lid (that yes could do with a clean!) is plain but not unattractive and opens with ease.

The shape lends itself well to another feature – the integrated pen rest that runs along the front edge. On a shorter/squarer model an integrated pen rest is not quite so long and consequently a resting pen not so balanced.

All in all one could say this is a most sensible functional inkwell. But it is not without some decorative charm. Cut in to the glass of the underside is a rather pretty star.

I must confess that I have yet to actually use any of the inkwells in my collection but when I do I think this may be the first.



on the desk in … |2| orange

According to Color : Messages and Meanings by Leatrice Eiseman for Pantone orange is fun, whimsical, childlike, happy, glowing, hot, energising, active, gregarious, friendly, good natured, expansive spontaneous, optimistic, communicative, jovial, socialable, self-assured, persuasive, animated, loud, raucous and frivolous. Personally I am not that fond of orange the fruit, even less of orange juice. When it comes to orange the colour, I don’t dislike it but it is a telling sign that I could count the things I own that are orange on one hand! We have some beautiful orange products in the shop though!!



1. Campo Marzio note pads  2. Divine Twine  3. J.Herbin bottled ink in Orange Indien  4. J.Herbin ink cartridges in Orange Indien  5. Vision fountain pen  6. Calirefontaine Linicolor pencil case  7. Campo Marzio leather letter opener  8. Coloured envelopes  9. Modo ball point pen  10. Baretto ball point pen  11. MasterPlan diary

to the letter |2| B

The fascination with letterforms continues! I think if I could I would sit at my desk and write letterforms all day.

Shop dog and I snapped these on our walk to the shop the other day. I am sure he wonders why on earth I keep stopping and making him wait!

Devonport was a little light on the letter B and oh boy some of the signs sure could do with a bit of a clean! The top left is by far my favourite.

Am already wondering what we’ll find in the way of letter Cs.

through the looking glass |2|

waxsealgiftsroundWow, I can’t believe it has been a month already since I started writing this blog! How time does fly when you are having fun!!

A quick change of the front windows at the shop. It still feels too early for a Christmas window (that’s next month!)  although the gift wrap ideas within it using wax seals could well be used on Christmas gifts. If I have time I think I might add wax seals to all my Christmas gifts this year.

Wax seals offer endless decorating / embellishment opportunities. In fact I’ve created a Pinterest board to document ideas to try.

Oh, there’ll be a new range of wax seals in store soon too. Cute little pewter ones with a sort of typewriter key design. They’d make great Christmas gifts!

in ink |1| quink by parker

SONY DSCQuink – made up of the words quick and ink – was developed by Parker in the lates 1920s to eliminate the need for blotting. The ink was revolutionary at the time for using isopropyl alcohol as a solvent, which dried by absorption rather than by evaporation of water-based inks. The resulting formula meant the ink flowed without clogging, it resisted water and moulding, it was non-corrosive to the metal parts of nibs and feeds, it was quick-drying, and it did not leave deposits or fade.

First sold in 1931 and still available today this is a classic favourite of many fountain pen users. Tests and reviews report that Quink produces no feathering, is fast drying with moderate shading/ saturation, results in minimal show through, no bleed through and it rinses out of pens easily.

We have it in the shop – available in three colours – black, blueblack & blue. I think the blue is my favourite.

quink colours

just my type |1|

royalThis beauty gets admired in the shop all the time – in fact we could have sold it ten times over!

Anyone reading this blog will by now have concluded that I like to collect things and they would be correct. Whilst searching for more ink wells on our road trip around New Zealand a couple of years ago I came across this gorgeous Royal Portable typewriter in an antique store in Paeroa. I spotted it from afar and asked the shop keeper who was near it  if it was still in working order. Yes was the reply, it just needed a new ribbon. I already knew that ribbons were easy to come by having coveted a red Royal typewriter on I’ll have it I told him quickly, worried that someone else might recognise the bargain that was there for the taking. Noting my haste the shopkeeper joked that there was an extra 1 in front of the price. Thankfully there wasn’t and so I left a very happy customer indeed.

It was in amazing condition complete with carry case and original Certificate of Guarantee. The certificate showing that it was sold to a Mrs M F Harrop on February 28th 1939 by the Office Typewriter Co. Ltd of Auckland.

New ribbons were ordered online the day of purchase and they were waiting for me when we got home.

Royal Typewriter Company was founded in New York in 1906 and went on to become the best-selling portable typewriter maker of all time . I love the shiny black paint and am impressed at how stunning it still is after 74 years!

Needless to say, having been captivated by this typewriter others have been collected!

I was wishing we had found it at the end of our road trip at one point though. We met friends in Wellington and travelled in one car across on the Interislander to the top of the South Island. With 4 passengers and bags the typewriter had to travel at my feet in the front seat. Needless to say I was given some flack for carrying a typewriter around the country! But just look at it – it was all worth it!!

new to my pencil case / desk |1|

lightboxetcIt will not be a surprise to anyone to learn that many a product arriving at the shop makes it way home with me for my pencil case or for my workroom desk. My newest stationery tools though did not come to me via the shop. Whilst in Sydney last weekend for a most fabulous calligraphy course I found time to do a spot of shopping! In fact my first port of call was the art supplies shop – not a shoe shop!! I am now the proud and very happy owner of a light box and I couldn’t resist a couple of pretty black & silver/black & gold nib holders.